All Pro Stars

Our goal is to play competitive baseball while teaching both the basics and the finer points of the game. Through practice and hard work each player will reach their fullest potential. If your goals are to play college/professional baseball or just have fun extending your career as far as possible, all players will be coached in a professional setting from a professional staff. The All Pro Stars organization allows players to learn in a teaching environment and not a "cut-throat, win at all costs" no loyalty environment. We view players' careers as long term projects not built in a short time but over years of hard work and dedication. Playing time is earned and have no fear that another player will be brought in last minute to take your playing time. If you are interested in being part of an organization that will play hard, with respect of the game, and has long term goals to make each player reach the best of their ability, please click the link below to request a tryout or for more information.

Private tryouts for the 2018 team available upon request. Call 631-286-5144 to schedule.

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